Our Makerspace

SAPS Makerspace

Our school Makerspace is an area that allows for creativity and innovation to occur. In our Makerspace students have the chance to design, create, engineer, build and collaborate. It is a place to tinker, try new ideas, solve problems and build resilience using both high tech and low tech items.

Did you know Makerspace promotes learning through play? Students play, explore and experience informal learning opportunities. Connections between home, school and our community are developed.

Some of the activities we have done in Makerspace so far this year include:
Lego Station - An area to use your imagination and complete Lego challenges.
Code Club - Here students learn block code by using blue-bots, ozobots, Spheros and Code.org. Learning and challenges start easy but become much much harder. 
Knitting Club - Learn how to knit. Students learn the basics and develop a skill they will keep for life.
Stop Motion Animation - Create your own movie just like Wallace and Grommet.
Principal's Challenge - Mr Tonnet has devised a series of challenges which will test your ingenuity, creativity, resilience and collaboration skills.
Art and Craft - Have fun and learn how to make things using materials you would have around the house.

Both infants and primary get invited to Makerspace sessions. It is amazing to see the growth in creativity resilience and skills.  


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