Kindys join the St Andrews family


This week we begin the process of introducing next year’s kinder students to big school which is very exciting for everyone.

A special thanks to all the staff for making this transition a smooth one for these children.

Principal Michael Tonnet said the orientation made him think that our kindergartens this year have almost completed their first year of schooling.

“These children will complete year 12 in 2030, what will the world look like then? This poses an interesting question for us.

"Are we providing an education for our children that will meet their needs when they complete their schooling?

"This is the question that we have been asking ourselves as we continue to improve the school and the education we are providing.

"We are blessed to have a wonderful group of teachers and staff who work extremely hard for the children in their care.

"To be a teacher is a ministry of service, of dedication and of passion. To care, guide, encourage, challenge each child in the class is a special talent."