BYO iPads helps passion for learning



Students are now bringing their own iPads to school in the Bring Your Own Learning Tool Trial (BYOLTT) for grades 3 to 6 for the remainder of 2017.

Preparing students for life in the digital world is extremely important so St Andrew’s Primary is striving to develop digitally literate citizens who understand not only how to use technology effectively but also know how the technology they use works.

The BYOLTT program is a voluntary program and no child will be disadvantaged from not participating in the BYOLT trial.

So far, we have had almost 70 students across the four primary grades seek approval to use an iPad at school which is fantastic.

Having had conversations with some of the students each morning as they store their devices before school, the following has become very clear.

Each student is thriving off the responsibility and expectations needed when having their own device at school.

The independence students feel, being able to use their own device in daily their learning.

The continuation from school to home. Wanting to continue their research or collaborative work in the evening.

The comfort of having your own device and not needing to wait to borrow one from the class/grade bank of resources.