2021 Information Grades Kinder - Year 6

Welcome to St Andrew’s portal for 2021 Parent information

On this page you will find a a variety of resources to help ensure parents have the information needed for each grade. This includes PDF slides, important links, and booking phone conversations for 'Meet and Greet.'


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'Meet the Teacher' Phone Conversations.


From Monday 1st March (Week 6) until Friday 2nd April (Week 10) our classroom teachers will be calling parents who complete this form for Meet and Greet phone conferencing.


You are invited to conference with your child’s class teacher. These meetings are optional and are not parent/teacher interviews. 

The meeting provides you an opportunity to meet with your child’s class teacher and to discuss any questions you may have regarding your child’s transition to the new school year. It is also the perfect time for the teacher to learn more about your child.

The meetings are time framed at 10 minute intervals with the emphasis on parents leading the sharing.


If you wish to have your child's teacher contact you sometime between 1st March - 2nd April please fill in this form.


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flexi schools canteen 

Flexi Schools Canteen

Flexi Schools runs our canteen. If you wish to order lunches online visit their site to create an account, download their app and order meals for your child.

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